Introducing the City of Davenport SMART Card

A “SMART” way to save time!

A “SMART” way to save money!

A “SMART” way to simplify travel!

The CitiBus SMART card is a plastic card (much like a credit card) that can be used over and over again to pay the fare on the CitiBus transit system.

It is easy and convenient to use the SMART card.

Simply wave the SMART card in front of the reader that is located on the top right front section of the farebox.

You will not need to fumble for dollar bills or coins.

The farebox will then tell you how many rides you have left (if it is a 10-ride SMART card), how much value is left on the SMART card (if you loaded it with a dollar amount), or how many days the SMART card is still valid (if you chose the 30-day option).

It really is that easy!


There are 3 ways to add value to the SMART card:


The 30-day choice provides unlimited rides on the CitiBus transit system for a 30-day period (which will begin the rst time that you board the bus and swipe your SMART card).

30-Day (full-fare) = $22.00

30-Day (half-fare) = $11.50


The 10-ride choice provides you 10 rides for the cost of 9 rides. That is a 10% savings and perfect for those who might not ride enough to need the 30-day SMART card. The 10-ride SMART card does not expire.

10 Ride (full-fare) = $9.00

10 Ride (half-fare) = $4.50


You can load the SMART card with a dollar amount…any amount you want. This does not result in any savings, however it works well for someone who does not use the bus on a regular basis and would rather have the SMART card available when needed. SMART cards with values on them do not expire.

$1 – ??? (It is your choice!!!)


Between July 1 and July 31, 2017 stop in at City Hall or the GTC and get a free SMART card!


You can load the SMART card with 10-rides, a 30-day unlimited ride, or a specific dollar amount that you choose!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “SMART” card?

A “SMART” card (also called chip card or integrated circuit card) is any pocket-sized card that has an embedded computer chip. SMART Cards can be made from a number of materials; the CitiBus SMART card is plastic.

What is the CitiBus SMART card?

The CitiBus SMART card is the easiest way to access the CitiBus transit system in Davenport. Instead of looking for bills or coins, the card is placed in front of the card reader on the farebox and a fare is received.

How does the SMART card work?

The SMART card is loaded with either a 30-day unlimited pass, a 10-ride or a xed- dollar amount. You decide at the time of purchase or when the Card is reloaded.

Where do I get a SMART card?

You may purchase the SMART card for $1 from City Hall or the Ground Transportation Center (GTC). At that time you will chose how you want to load the SMART card. The agent will then load the card, and if you want, embed it with your name and contact information.

Do I have to go to City Hall or the GTC to load the SMART card?

It is only required for the initial purchase. After that, you can reload the SMART card at either City Hall or the GTC or by visiting the website: You will then need to register as a user with a bank or credit card to enable you to reload the SMART card on-line.

Why Do I Want to Load The SMART card with Personal Information?

There are two reasons. First, if the
SMART card is lost and turned in, CitiBus can contact you and return it to you. Secondly, if it is lost or stolen, the lost SMART card can be deactivated and a replacement SMART card with the value that remained on the lost SMART card can be provided to you for cost of only the card ($1).

What happens if I need to transfer?

The SMART card knows what bus you boarded and what time; it will follow the CitiBus transfer rules. You are able to transfer to any route other than the route you are transferring from for up to 3-hours just as you can now. The SMART card will not charge for transfer trips made within the 3-hour period.

Can the SMART card be used for those who are eligible for discounted fares?

Yes the SMART card can be used for discounted fares. Seniors, Disabled, Unemployed and Students all are eligible for half-fare with required half-fare ID. Applications for half-fare ID are available at the GTC or by calling 563.888.2151.

What do I do if I lose my SMART card?

You should immediately contact CitiBus at 563.888.2151. If you have registered the SMART card you can pick up a replacement at City Hall or the GTC for $1 and the card will be loaded with the remaining value that was on the card when lost or stolen.